Five Christian Bands We Love

If you don’t listen to Christian music, then do me a favor. Forget everything you think you know. Chances are when you think of Christian music, old school church hymns, and classical ballads. Though these songs give us Christians goosebumps and make our hearts smile, they are just the tip of the ice-burg when it comes to modern-day Christian jams. Here are five bands and artists that drive youth groups crazy and get churches moving.
Chris TomlinYou can’t have an article about Christian music without name dropping Chris Tomlin. I mean, he’s like The Beatles of Christian music. Everybody knows his name and has raised their hands to at least one of his songs in worship. With tunes like ‘Shout To The Lord’, ‘Lord I Lift Your Name On High’, ‘How Great Is Our God’, ‘Holy Is The Lord’, and ‘Indescribable’ it’s no surprise that he’s such a hit among congregations all over the world.


This band is a little on the edgy side and has dabbled in the secular world. But they are still a favorite among the church’s youth. Some of their songs may seem meaningless at first, that is, until you listen to the lyrics instead of letting the whole “hard-rock” thing overwhelm you. Take “Monster” for instance. The first time or two people hear it, most think it’s a song about a guy who’s turning into a monster. Upon further examination of the lyrics, some have realized that this song is actually about a man who is afraid of his own anger, and is anxious that his past sins will come back…without the help of God.


These guys are more focused on the ministry than the music, but the music is still awesome. Their laid-back style makes them a favorite among youngsters and seniors both. Their hits include ‘I Can Only Imagine’, ‘word of god speak’, ‘god with us’, ‘greater’ and ‘so long self’. No matter where you are in your walk, this band is a good listen.

News Boys

This one’s kind of out of left field, but they’re still amazing. News Boys have covered many classic worship songs and done them well. A few titles include ‘mighty to save’ ‘Jesus Freak’, ‘One Shot’, and ‘Your Love Never Fails’. They have a pop-rock kind of feel but are sure to get you moving.

Casting Crowns

Last, but not least, we have Casting Crowns. Their lyrics are arguably some of the most meaningful, hard-hitting and unforgettable in existence. Mark Hall, the lead singer, is a youth minister and draws inspiration from his experiences with young people. In fact, every member of the band is involved in some type of ministry. No wonder their songs are so inspirational, right? Songs like ‘What If His People Prayed?’, ‘Courageous’, ‘Who Am I?’, ‘Stained Glass Masquerade’, ‘American Dream’, and “Until The Whole World Hears’ are just a small taste of their extensive playlist.

Well, that’s it. Five bands with amazing reputations that aren’t all hype. They’re Christian and they rock, so give them a listen and you’re sure to be hooked.